Load Adjuster

A SPRING LOAD ADJUSTER is a modified blade that simply bolts onto your existing spring.  It allows you to carry 475kg over and above your normal load. An added bonus is that it only takes 20min to fit! FITS ALL BAKKIES AND TAXIS


Jack up the vehicle and place a stand on either side of the chassis. Lower the jack so the axle hangs freely. Place one of the LOAD ADJUSTER BLADES on top of rear half of the existing spring.  Place a U-Bolt through the location plate riveted to the LOAD ADJUSTER BLADE and tighten the nylock nuts.





Place another U-Bolt over the loop section of the LOAD ADJUSTER BLADE.  Place the cross plate on the bottom of the U-Bolt; fit nylock nuts and tighten to 15mm.Lower the vehicle to the ground. Tighten the inner U-Bolts then adjust loop sectionU-Bolt nuts to suit your ride height. (The more you tighten the more you can carry).





If you are not carrying a load, simply remove loop section U-Bolt and get your original ride.